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At Hinterland Dental, we know that establishing the importance of dentistry for kids is vital to healthy teeth and gum habits, preventing unnecessary treatments and expenses later down the track. That is why we take extra special care and attention with our young patients in order to build a lifelong healthy relationship to healthy teeth and gums.

Have you met the Fairy Dentist?

Fairy Dentist is the Tooth fairy’s sister, and she has the important job of teaching children on the Sunshine Coast how to care for their teeth. We’re lucky enough to have the Fairy Dentist come visit our special little Hinterland Dental patients. If you are looking for a gentle children’s dentist, call us today to book your little one in with the Fairy Dentist.

Have you heard of the “Child Dental Benefits Schedule”?

This government initiative is a great foundation to introduce the importance of good dental health to children and families. The Scheme is eligible for children aged 2 – 17 years and provides up to $1013 (to be used over a 2 year period) in benefits for basic dental services. To be eligible a child must be turning 2 – 17 years and receive a relevant government payment such as Family Tax Benefit part A.

Please contact us for more information or to book a kid’s dentist appointment. 

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