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Dental sealants, also known as fissure sealants are protective “coats” for teeth. Sealants act as protective shields preventing bacteria from entering the grooves in teeth and therefore preventing tooth decay.

Painless solution for preventing tooth decay
Fissure seals are a painless solution to preventing cavities and tooth decay. Sealants are applied mainly to the back molar teeth. These teeth have pits and fissures, which are tiny grooves in the teeth where our toothbrush cannot reach. Bacteria, however, can easily settle in these pits and fissures and cause tooth decay if neglected.
The most common age to have fissure sealants is six years old onwards when the permanent adult molars have fully erupted.

The procedure
Placing fissure sealants is a simple and painless procedure.
The tooth is thoroughly cleaned, and the fissure sealant is then placed in the grooves of the teeth and a bright is used to set the sealant.
Fissure seals last for several years and are a painless way to keep teeth free from bacteria.

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