At Hinterland Dental, a nice smile is something we have gradually heard patients asking for more and more. To keep up with demand, we can now help our patients achieve their ideal smile by straightening and aligning their own natural teeth with orthodontics (also known as braces). This means our patients can have general dental care and orthodontic treatment done all under the same roof by our familiar and friendly clinicians and staff. Enquire for a comprehensive orthodontic assessment with Dr Julianna Tsao.


What are the benefits of braces?

Braces can definitely help improve your smile and boost your confidence. Also, there are many more benefits that come along with having straight teeth.

  • Early treatment for children can help free up space for adult teeth to come through
  • Improve the way your teeth come together to help you chew and eat better
  • Prevention of cracks and chipping of your teeth
  • Reduce risks of decay and gum disease

These benefits mean that you can reduce the costs of maintaining your dental health in the long run.


What we can offer for you

  • Early treatment for children to facilitate ideal natural growth of jaw and teeth and to reduce complexity of treatment later
  • Braces for teens during their peak growth period which minimises time and complexity
  • Braces for adults of all ages for both cosmetic and functional benefits
  • All the work will be done with the aid of leading high-tech computer software


Feel free to consult your dentist to see what braces can help you with at your next visit, or give us a call now to arrange for a consult: (07) 5442 6722.


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