Dr. Caitlin Stephens

Dr Caitlin Stephens graduated from James Cook University in Cairns with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. She was awarded the Academic Medal for Bachelor coursework and received recognition from the JCU Professional College for Leadership and Community Engagement.

Caitlin has travelled for most of her life. At 9 years old she moved to England where she enjoyed traveling throughout Europe, before returning to Australia 6 years later.  During her final year of university and since graduation she has worked around Australia to broaden her exposure to different dental opportunities and environments. She has practiced in Cairns, Mackay, Launceston, Canberra, and has now settled in the Sunshine Coast.

Caitlin is a gentle clinician who focuses on patient-centred care. She is a very enthusiastic learner, who actively strives to stay up to date with all aspects of modern dentistry.

Caitlin particularly enjoys Paediatric Dentistry, including Nitrous Oxide (happy gas), oral surgery and emergency and trauma management dentistry.

Outside of dentistry, Caitlin is a big “foodie” who enjoys discovering different coffee shops, patisseries and restaurants. She also keeps active by exploring the great outdoors; her latest venture was climbing to the highest point of Australia at the Mount Kosciuszko Summit before leaving Canberra. Caitlin is very attached to her pug, Frank, who she terrorises with different outfits for every occasion.